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Dr Dietmar Frey, MD JD MBA


Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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Vita Dr Dietmar Frey, MD JD MBA

Dietmar Frey is a board-certified neurosurgeon and founding director of CLAIM - the Charité Lab for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. After completing law school and passing both state examinations in law, he studied medicine at Charité Med School and joined the neurosurgery department at Charité. In 2014, he completed his specialist training in neurosurgery. Until 2017, he was the scientific co-lead of the neurosurgery group for pre- and intraoperative monitoring and played a decisive role in the introduction of transcranial magnetic stimulation as a routine procedure for the preoperative diagnosis of brain tumour patients.

Since 2016, he has been building the Charité Lab for AI in Medicine at the Charité. Funded by several federal and European grants he has built a strong interdisciplinary team of physicians, machine learning engineers and computer scientists to develop an AI-based decision support system that provides risk scoring and treatment planning in stroke and other indications.

Dietmar Frey was coordinator of the PRECISE4Q project (Personalized Medicine by Predictive Modelling in Stroke for better Quality of Life #777107).

Dietmar Frey is coordinator of the Horizon Europe project VALIDATE (Validation of a Trustworthy AI-based Prognostic Tool for Predicting Patient Outcome in Acute Stroke, #101057263, 2022-2026) to further develop, test, and - in a multi-center trial - validate a clinical decision support for the treatment stratification of acute stroke patients to improve patient outcome. He also coordinates CYLCOMED, a EU-funded project to improve cybersecurity on connected medical devices (2022-25) and is partnering in the EU Horizon Europe project STRATIF-AI.